home and termite inspections orlando fl

4 Signs You Need a Termite Inspection

So many people mistakenly assume they only need termite inspections or help if they see this pest around their home. Sadly, when termites are spotted, it’s often well after they’ve been at the home, burrowed deep within the wood to delight themselves in a cellulose meal to your devastation. Don’t wait until you see termites to take action. Four signs that it’s time to schedule a professional home and termite inspections orlando fl:

home and termite inspections orlando fl

1.    You Bought a Home: If you recently bought a home or if you’re in the market, it is essential to protect the investment and your purchase by scheduling a termite and a home inspection. Professionals have special tools and equipment that detect termites deep within the home.

2.    Rotted Wood: If you haven’t saw termites but notice that the wood on your home is rotted, hollowed out, etc. there is a good chance it is due to termites. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry in such a situation, which requires you to call a professional to schedule the termite inspection.

3.    You’ve Never Scheduled an Inspection: Termites are a major threat to homeowners across Orlando. If you’ve never schedule a termite inspection, it’s time to do so to protect yourself, your home, and your peace of mind. Termite damage is often substantial, don’t let it burn your family in the future.

4.    Wood Flooring Concerns: If you take a look at your wood flooring and notice that it is bloated, it’s a good time to schedule that inspection. There is a good chance that it is bloated because termites are making their home directly underneath the wood.

Many signs suggest termites in the home. If you want to ensure this pest doesn’t cause you more grief than necessary, pay attention to the signs, which include those above. Termite damage can be avoided if you keep an eye out for you home.